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NEW Rose Gleam Oil Serum

  • Cloud Butters

    Our whipped body butters are back and cuter then ever! Cloud Butters are lightweight, yet intense moisturizer formulated to give you a healthy, radiant glow. Soft skin is calling your name.

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  • Cloud Gloss Collections

    Lip Glosses are finally making their adorable re-debut! With two brand new gloss collections and 14 total glosses, we made sure that you'll get a variety of shades impossible to pass up.

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  • Cloud Shimmers

    Talk about an upgrade! Our Cloud Shimmers are more magical than ever with some featuring an elegant pink & gold shimmer and others a unique blue & gold glow. Hydrating, moisturizing, and of course, magical.

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Pioneers of Cute Care

PeachMilkCo's mission is to cater to those of us who prefer the softer, cuter side of self care. Those of us who sleep with 20 plushies, still use stickers and colored pens, and want everything around us to scream cute and dreamy. PeachMilkCo will always create products that work for both your senses and your aesthetic!

  • "The formula is the best body butter I've ever used. It goes on so smoothly and has such a nice texture and light smell....I feel like a princess and can't wait for more!"

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  • "These leave my lips hydrated and glossy without being uncomfortable on the lips. The scent is nice but isn't too overpowering, especially while I'm wearing it."

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  • "I'm so glad I bought the kit, both scents were honestly so amazing and they smelled like candy!!
    The exfoliator isn't too harsh on the skin but it sure clears out all the dead skin, I hopped out of the bath smelling like a candy store!"

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  • "I cannot gush about these products more! They're not heavy and don't leave that lingering oiliness I get from other body oils. It just melts into the skin leaving a beautiful shimmer. This stuff has done WONDERS for my stretch marks, and keeps my skin soft and silky. I can't be more satisfied with the product honestly!"

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